What is HPV?

According to the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology (ACOG), most sexually active people will acquire HPV at one point in their lives. This is what you should know.

HPV stands for Human Papilloma Virus; it is a virus that has around 150 different strains, the majority of which are not problematic or cancer-causing, according to ACOG.

Consider this in the time of COVID-19

In the past few weeks we’ve seen a threat that once seemed so distant become close and real. On a worldwide scale, we’ve seen the growing reign of the Corona virus and its impact on our day-to-day lives; it is in the hands of our communities to be cautious and responsible to lower the impact caused by COVID-19.

COVID-19 and Perinatal Care

Perinatal: relating to the time, usually a number of weeks, before and after birth.

The information available on this virus is still extremely limited therefore it is unknown whether pregnant women are at greater risk of contracting the disease or at a greater risk for having complications as a result of the disease.

What can you do for your Immune System?

Flu season is an especially important time to take care of our immune system to give us the strength to fight off microbes and germs. Surprisingly, a generous portion of our immune system lies in our gut. This gives special importance to how we choose to eat and its impact on our immune strength.

I have a “What” in my “Where”?

A Simple Guide to understanding OB/GYN terminology

It is not very difficult to leave the doctor’s office confused. Perhaps there were some questions you forgot to ask or more commonly, you had some trouble understanding the terminology used to explain your own health status to you.

Research suggests that the minimum time women should commit to moderate intensity exercise is 150 minutes a week which breaks down to 30 minutes five times a week or 20 minutes everyday.

Take Charge of your Health!

We live in a culture that views exercise as a chore and eating “healthy” as a burden. Meanwhile, taking these actions and transforming them into habits could be the difference between health and disease, life and death.

Urinary Tract Infections, also known as UTI’s, are considered to be the most common infection,

Another UTI?

Urinary Tract Infections, also known as UTI’s, are considered to be the most common infection, according to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, and are responsible for millions of doctor visits each year.

Vaginal Health: Do’s and Don’ts

In this series we will explore multiple feminine health practices/beliefs/products and utilize the doctor’s knowledge as well as trustworthy sources to help you navigate the right path towards good vaginal health.