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Upon arrival at the research facility, Henrietta’s cells, dubbed “HeLa” cells for her first and last name, proved to be extraordinary. Where other cells would die, HeLa cells would multiply.

The Woman Behind A Medical Miracle: Henrietta Lacks

American exceptionalism would not allow for this story to be told, that is, the story of Henrietta Lacks. Her life began in a shack in Roanoke, Virginia, now, what her mother, Eliza Lacks Pleasant, did not know was that she had just birthed a medical marvel. It would be decades later that Henrietta’s genetic code would prove to be most astonishing.

What is “Cord Blood and Tissue Banking”?

The umbilical cord is the structure that carries blood rich with oxygen from the mother to the fetus along with other nutrients that essentially feed the baby during the gestational period. In the past, this structure was thrown away after delivery, viewed as merely another component of medical waste but research has found it to contain incredible healing potentials.